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Accelerated Web Pages

Accelerated Pages are a set of standards that aim to improve discovery on mobile or any device by creating optimized pages that load content quickly, even under difficult network environments. It’s no secret that users expect a fast experience as possible.  AWP enables everyone to have a site that loads super-fast as it’s built.

With our team, your content looks its best across devices

One of the biggest changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been the surge in people heading online to work, shop, and connect with friends. For many businesses, keeping pace with this huge behavioral shift has been hard. After studying your competition we carefully create themes to make your content stand out. Our websites intelligently optimize your work so it looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Your data is protected and all your files are backed up in the cloud daily. Use our premium technology to inspire people all over the world to become your clients. We design online products that help you put your customers first and focus on getting to know them and build a relationship, you are more than likely to outsell and outperform your competition.

Retail Websites. Convert your visitors to Buyers.

As the number of Web sites continues to expand and consumers increase their use of the Internet, we focus on finding ways to convert your visitors to buyers and boost return visits to your sites. The rise of information and communication technologies has created new marketing reality dimensions among internet users. The cutting edge for business today is e-retailing and while the full extent of the pandemic’s economic cost continues to unfold, it’s clear that retail has been one of the industries hardest hit. Overcoming a crisis means having the right people in place and valuing the human factor. To develop a more effective retail Website, it is important for us to consider the shopping orientations of your target market. With ongoing store closures, more and more people are shopping online. And as online traffic spikes, it’s critical that your retail website can handle increased volume. Responsiveness is the influencing factor, followed by personalisation, ease of use, assurance and website design. These are the factors that influence the consumer buying decision in e-retailing websites.

Progressive Web Apps

For some time now, Google has been emphasizing the importance of responsive websites. But technology progresses quickly, and now there is a new way to engage with your website visitors in a more effective and engaging way, which is through the use of progressive web apps.  Hundreds of global marketers Progressive web Applications to create more seamless mobile user experiences. It’s not hard to see why leading brands would embrace PWAs. They realise the need to provide the best mobile experience for users―regardless of platform. React with your clients by sending them real-time alerts, even when the app isn’t running. Push notifications are an incredibly powerful feature on the web and when used thoughtfully, a feature that is often considered a best practice when it comes to mobile apps. Make sure your brand takes advantage.