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Social Media Marketing. Meeting the challenge

The digital revolution has impacted customer path-to-purchase, changing the retail landscape. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers face ongoing challenges as the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a faster rate. Retailers have shifted to become omnichannel and must continue to adapt to customer behaviors and expectations to keep up with the competition and drive sales. Our social media management services are a part of the overall strategy and hands-on methodologies that we offer our clients to expose their services and products. From startups to global organizations, research indicates the major importance of a strong presence on social media, it’s where all consumers hang out. Therefore anyone understands its importance and the potential it packs in terms of bringing new business and increasing brand awareness.

Be where your clients spend their time

The customer journey is fragmented – people are shopping in multiple channels using different devices. Someone may see an ad for headphones on their phone, browse for headphones later that day on their laptop and then purchase them two days later in-store. Cross-channel conversions both online and offline are more challenging than ever for marketers to measure. Through social media marketing, our team has the unique power to match marketing messages with signals of intent, identity and context. What kind of person is shopping? What is that person looking for? Where is that person right now? However, when comparing where retailers are advertising, the investment in digital overall and in particular mobile, is lagging way behind where people spend their time. 

Maximize your omnichannel sales

Despite the obstacles, retailers have a great opportunity to reclaim some ground from online stores. Mobile is the constant companion of the omnichannel shopper. It’s always with us and has the ability to influence us along every step of the customer journey. As a matter of fact, while more than 90% of sales still happen in physical stores in the US 2,50% of those have a digital touchpoint where products are discovered online (mainly on mobile devices), and then bought in the store.
Our team will your business to evolve in today’s digital world to keep up with market changes and consumer expectations. People increasingly discover and engage with products and services on mobile with Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. We connect businesses to people at all stages of the customer journey. We provide personalized targeting options and measurement solutions to help retailers of all sizes drive in-store sales, while maximizing omni-channel sales.