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Retail Websites. Convert your visitors to Buyers.

As the number of Web sites continues to expand and consumers increase their use of the Internet, we focus on finding ways to convert your visitors to buyers and boost return visits to your sites. The rise of information and communication technologies has created new marketing reality dimensions among internet users. The cutting edge for business today is e-retailing and while the full extent of the pandemic’s economic cost continues to unfold, it’s clear that retail has been one of the industries hardest hit. Overcoming a crisis means having the right people in place and valuing the human factor. To develop a more effective retail Website, it is important for us to consider the shopping orientations of your target market. With ongoing store closures, more and more people are shopping online. And as online traffic spikes, it’s critical that your retail website can handle increased volume. Responsiveness is the influencing factor, followed by personalisation, ease of use, assurance and website design. These are the factors that influence the consumer buying decision in e-retailing websites.

Maximize your omnichannel sales

Despite the obstacles, retailers have a great opportunity to reclaim some ground from online stores. Mobile is the constant companion of the omnichannel shopper. It’s always with us and has the ability to influence us along every step of the customer journey. As a matter of fact, while more than 90% of sales still happen in physical stores in the US 2,50% of those have a digital touchpoint where products are discovered online (mainly on mobile devices), and then bought in the store. Our team will help your business to evolve in today’s digital world to keep up with market changes and consumer expectations. People increasingly discover and engage with products and services on mobile with Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. We connect businesses to people at all stages of the customer journey. We provide personalized targeting options and measurement solutions to help retailers of all sizes drive in-store sales, while maximizing omni-channel sales.

A new generation of customers comes online

As COVID-19 has spread, businesses around the world have faced unprecedented strain. Despite the fact that the world financial system is affected by the global crisis a new wave of consumers is heading online to manage their finances and grow their wealth. By delivering on the desire for simplicity, confidence, and personalization, out data analysts can identify opportunities, build urgency, and grow the share of wallet with this new generation of financial consumers.